DreamFactory Software announced that its market-leading open source REST API services platform is now available as a Docker container, making it easier than ever to install and manage custom deployments of DreamFactory across a wide range of platforms and environments. Docker containers are a simple and efficient way to install DreamFactory: they are inherently cross-platform and can be run on any machine that can run Docker. They also provide a streamlined deployment mechanism since they require inclusion of only the components necessary for the DreamFactory application.

“Docker has emerged as an extremely popular deployment model for many modern web apps, and has particular significance for the rapid development of mobile apps in production environments,” said Bill Appleton, co-founder and CEO of DreamFactory. “We fully support this modular approach as it enables developers to quickly scale the DreamFactory platform without the need to set up a complete virtual machine. Our Docker version makes it even easier to simplify and accelerate the deployment of mobile apps that leverage backend enterprise services.”

“For us, DreamFactory is about getting APIs up and running quickly for mobile app projects,” said Jason Khong, founder of Apptivity Lab in Malaysia. “The new Docker support makes it even faster. We were able to consistently spin up new DSP instances for developers in minutes and get our staging servers up on Day 1. It’s a huge boost for mobile development teams like ours.”


  • Docker makes it even easier to install, manage and migrate DreamFactory on a wide variety of platforms and operating environments, and is ideal for development shops that need to quickly prototype and deploy multiple DreamFactory API platforms on a single server.
  • Facilitates code-sharing and re-use since a Docker container eliminates compatibility issues or application dependencies across various host systems.
  • Developers can also build a customized Docker image to include PHP drivers for MS SQL, MongoDB, or other database services.
  • For scalable deployment, DreamFactory on Docker provides sysadmins with consistent app packaging and deployment on any OS that supports Docker.
  • DreamFactory for Docker is available at either GitHub or DockerHub.
  • Learn how to use Docker to quickly fire up a DSP (DreamFactory Services Platform) instance on the DreamFactory blog.

DreamFactory is an Apache-licensed open source mobile backend that provides RESTful services for building modern mobile, web and IoT applications. DreamFactory automatically generates a comprehensive, customizable, secure REST APIs for any data source. Advanced features include scripting and customization, client SDKs, single sign-on, user management, record-level access control, and interactive API docs. By offering a secure, reliable and scalable way to build many applications at enterprise scale, DreamFactory makes enterprise application development faster, more efficient, and less expensive.