Parse is open-sourcing its connection pooling proxy for MongoDB, dvara, the company announced at MongoDB World in New York City. dvara was created to solve an immediate problem for Parse: connection limits.

“We were running into the connection limits on some of our replica sets. Mongo through 2.4 had a max-max conn limit of 20,000. As the number of our application servers grew, the number of concurrent active connections to our replica sets grew,” the company wrote on its blog.

In addition to solving database connection limits, dvara automatically discovers replica set configuration from nodes, and provides insight on low-level operations.

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Currently, dvara is tied to Ganglia using Parse’s own Go client, and there are Mongo failure scenarios it doesn’t handle well yet. But the company is working on improving the process and making the implementation pluggable.

“We’re still improving how this works, and likely will reintroduce manual overrides to support unusual situations that often arise in real life,” the company wrote. “We also want a better process around deploying new versions of dvara without causing disruptions to the clients (possibly using grace). We want to help improve the ecosystem around mongo, and would love for you to contribute!”

More information can be found here.