ceTe Software, creators of the DynamicPDF product line that specializes in providing the .NET development community with components and tools for real-time PDF generation, manipulation, printing and more, announced the release of DynamicPDF Core Suite v7.0 for .NET.  Core Suite 7.0 for .NET packages Generator v7.0 for .NET, Merger v7.0 for .NET and ReportWriter v7.0 for .NET into one PDF library.

Version 7.0 is a major release incorporating many new features to the PDF SDK.  Along with 22 other supported barcodes, version 7 adds support for the 2-dimensional QR Barcode.  Form flattening has been revamped in version 7 and can now be achieved using just one line of C# or VB.NET code.  Dynamically extract text from an existing PDF document using the new Text Extraction feature of the PDF API.  Improvements to the barcode rendering will now yield barcodes of the same high quality with a decrease in file size resulting in a substantial increase in efficiency.

The DynamicPDF product line offers .NET software developers solutions to their application’s PDF needs.  They can easily create, merge, fill, stamp, append print convert rasterized and view PDF documents from within any C# or VB.NET code. All products are available with flexible licensing; some products include royalty-free developer licensing, server-based licensing or workstation-based licensing.  Fully functional and never expiring evaluation versions are available for download freely on the company website.