Dynamsoft Corp. today announced updates to its SourceAnywhere version control software ideal for software development teams to more efficiently manage source code. Version 5.0 is a new stand-alone version. Its new features include support for 64-bit servers for better server-side capacity and performance. It also adds support for LocalDB as a backend database. Dynamsoft is a developer of source control / version control software and document imaging software development kits (SDK).
As a result of adding 64-bit server support, SourceAnywhere 5.0 can now handle 1,000+ concurrent connections around the world. Support for 64-bit server offers dramatic improvements in memory availability and parallel processing performance compared to a 32-bit environment. Thus, SourceAnywhere 5.0’s 64-bit support also achieves dramatic performance improvements.
SourceAnywhere 5.0’s added support for the simple and light LocalDB database enables database flexibility. Users can now employ the free LocalDB database or purchase an installation of SQL Server. The previous version, 4.4, had also improved on file transfer performance for local development teams and added an updated user interface. The software can be used within various integrated development environments (IDE). These include Visual Studio, Eclipse, Dreamweaver and other IDEs compatible with Microsoft Source Code Control Interface (MSSCCI). SourceAnywhere provides a cost-effective source control solution for small businesses or large enterprises.
“We are continuing to improve on our successful SourceAnywhere solution,” said Amy Gu, Vice President of Dynamsoft. “As a result, SourceAnywhere has become a pure, simple, but powerful source control software solution. Its high performance makes it ideal for local and remote teams. Security features includes support for SSL and Blowfish encryption to protect in-transit source code. It also features password policy capabilities, database encryption, and cache file encryption.”
SourceAnywhere employs a client-side cache server that improves remote speed performance. This is best when multiple developers are working on the same project at the same remote location. Other key features of SourceAnywhere include a “find in files” capability. It can be used to search content in a file. It helps developers navigate the source tree with accurate search results. SourceAnywhere provides several version control convenience features. They include email notifications; pending check-ins; shelve / unshelve; branch / merge; and more.
Pricing and Availability
SourceAnywhere 5.0 is now available. In addition to providing an enterprise software edition, it is also offered as a fully-supported software-as-a-service (SaaS) hosted edition (SourceAnywhere Hosted). The starting price for SourceAnywhere 5.0 is $299 for a single user license. The purchase of a yearly subscription includes premier support and free upgrades to future versions. Full pricing details are available here and a 30-day free trial here. Pricing details for the hosted version are found here.