dynaTrace software, a Compuware (NASDAQ: CPWR) company, today announced its fourth generation application performance management (APM) platform, dynaTrace 4. dynaTrace 4 expands the company’s market leading platform across three major dimensions – breadth,  depth and ease-of-use.

At the core of dynaTrace 4 is a new generation of dynaTrace’s patented transaction tracing capability, PurePath Technology, which  provides the industry’s deepest and most accurate view of application behavior and performance under load.  Used by some of the world’s largest and most demanding financial, e-commerce, software and cloud companies for 24×7 business-critical production use, PurePath’s always-on, transaction-pure approach delivers:
· Real-time business transaction insight to business owners
· Proactive problem determination and Hotspot analysis for operations
· Faster high-quality releases for application teams
· Quick, accurate troubleshooting whenever performance problems hinder scalability or user satisfaction

“dynaTrace 4 represents the next leap forward in dynaTrace innovation. As customers look to their APM systems to provide greater business value with less effort than ever before, dynaTrace 4 will deliver unparalleled breadth, depth and ease-of-use,” said John Van Siclen, President of Compuware’s dynaTrace subsidiary. “Not only will dynaTrace 4 introduce an extended PurePath technology, it will also introduce the first stage of our Gomez integration. With PurePath at the core, I see dynaTrace innovation and value accelerating as we continue to tightly integrate with the market leading offerings from Compuware/Gomez.”

dynaTrace 4 sets a new standard for ease-of-use for an enterprise-class APM system. While applications are increasing in complexity, IT organizations are leaner than ever. Enabled by a new generation of PurePath, dynaTrace 4 requires zero-configuration, auto-discovering the application at runtime. When applications change, dynaTrace 4 auto-adapts, eliminating the on-going maintenance required with other APM systems. Not only is this new level of ease-of-use a breakthrough in lowering total cost of ownership, but it’s also a requirement for modern, dynamic applications running in virtualized and cloud environments.

Gartner, through their many conversations with enterprise customers, acknowledges the rapidly shifting requirements driving the need for a new generation of APM systems:

“Complexity and visibility of the infrastructure are causing a transformation in APM technology”, said Jonah Kowall, Research Director at Gartner. “In addition, customers are demanding lightweight, smarter, automated solutions that provide rapid return on investment, analytics and support for business demands.”

dynaTrace 4 extends the breadth of the dynaTrace offering from data center to user endpoint. Each discrete transaction is now traced and captured from browser click, across all tiers, to database and back, 24×7. Packaged as a separate module for production customers, this new User Experience Management capability is non-intrusive to users and requires no special configuration.

dynaTrace 4 provides more depth through enhanced analytics and new incident management capabilities. All PurePaths are automatically analyzed for errors and Hotspots – problematic transactions are immediately surfaced for review and resolution. For many use-cases, dynaTrace 4 enables root cause identification in a single click, simplifying troubleshooting and increasing application team productivity. 

dynaTrace 4 advances combine to support the DevOps imperative. Modern applications require much tighter teaming between development, test and operations to increase efficiency, reduce cost and accelerate release cycles. Gartner estimates that, on average, only 8 percent of the total cost of ownership (TCO) of an application over 10 years is the capital expenditure to initially build it, leaving 92 percent of the TCO for enhancing, fixing and operating the application. dynaTrace 4 breaks down the silos between these organizations by providing a single, integrated APM platform to support the full application lifecycle with a lingua franca provided by PurePath.

“We’ve been using dynaTrace across the lifecycle now for over 3 years,” said Charlie Weiblen, VP of Engineering at IntraLinks. “dynaTrace was the most innovative APM product I had seen then, and with dynaTrace 4, they’ve blown that away. I’m happy I discovered dynaTrace years ago, and can’t wait to upgrade to dynaTrace 4 with its many advances in power and simplicity – particularly continuous recording of transactions, which is key for a cloud-based service like IntraLinks.”