Electric Cloud, the smart development cloud company, today announced ElectricAccelerator 6.0, which brings the power of reliable build acceleration to individual developers and workgroups with two new products, ElectricAccelerator Developer Edition (EADE) and ElectricAccelerator Workgroup Edition (EAWE).

ElectricAccelerator 6.0 lets individual developers and small teams maximize build acceleration by fully harnessing the power of the cores available on an individual machine for parallel processing, better utilization of resources and reduced wait time in the build queue. EADE and EAWE include all the acceleration capabilities of ElectricAccelerator, including the patented dependency analysis that speeds the build process by optimizing parallel build execution. ElectricAccelerator is the only solution that allows organizations to leverage the power of the desktop, the power of a build cloud or both for the same build. It uniquely allows developers to accelerate builds when offline and take advantage of the build cloud when on the network.  

“In our increasingly Agile world, fast builds are more important than ever,” said Electric Cloud CEO Mike Maciag. “Our annual customer survey showed that more than 60 percent of our users see developer builds as the greatest opportunity for ElectricAccelerator’s technology. We are excited to deliver 10-20x faster builds and complex build analytics to individual developers and workgroups.”

One Electric Cloud customer, a leading semiconductor manufacturer with a number of satellite offices, uses ElectricAccelerator to speed its software development cycle. Dealing with geographically dispersed teams presents a challenge, as developers in the satellite offices do not always have network access back to the main office. Using EADE allows this company to give developers in each of its satellite offices access to the same build acceleration the main office enjoys, without worrying about network connectivity. EADE leverages multi-core machines to give developers in this organization maximum acceleration on their machines, and allows them to realize greater acceleration when connected to the build cluster.  

ElectricAccelerator Developer Edition and ElectricAccelerator Workgroup Edition are available now.