Electric Cloud, the smart development cloud company, today announced ElectricCommander 4.0, featuring software artifact management, policy- based cloud resource management and integration with Eucalyptus 3. The enterprise-class automation solution helps create smart development clouds with end-to-end automation of the build-test-deploy cycle. It also automates physical, virtual and cloud resources, and provides comprehensive workflow orchestration for better resource utilization and faster, more accurate software development.

ElectricCommander 4.0 features an artifact management solution that manages all software artifacts produced and consumed in the application development process. The solution provides a controlled, searchable, auditable repository to store the artifacts, and enables developers to track the origin and usage of the artifacts at every step of the development process. ElectricCommander 4.0’s artifact management capabilities enables users to improve predictability and traceability of their application components and also improves cross-team collaboration by sharing approved artifacts.

ElectricCommander 4.0 also provides policy-based management and scaling of cloud resources. Users can configure resource assignments based on dynamic policies such as disk space or load/CPU utilization. In addition, ElectricCommander 4.0 provides automatic scaling of resources pools to support development process requirements while keeping consumption within policy defined limits.

“With this release, we’ve enhanced the ElectricCommander automation and workflow
management that enterprises rely on by adding a fully integrated artifact management system,” said Electric Cloud CEO Mike Maciag. “This, combined with our new dynamic resource
management system, further empowers development teams to work together more efficiently to produce the highest-quality software, rather than spending time wondering who has the most up-to-date version of a build or trying to secure the resources they need to run a test.”

ElectricCommander 4.0 integrates with Eucalyptus 3 to automatically manage the lifecycle of cloud resources. With a smart development cloud powered by ElectricCommander and Eucalyptus, developers have ready access to the resources they need. To support the
development process, cloud resources are automatically provisioned and configured to the required specifications. When a development task is completed, resources are automatically torn down and returned, allowing teams to more efficiently use their resources and eliminating virtual machine sprawl.

“Our joint customers will continue to benefit from our close partnership with Electric Cloud, especially now that this includes integration between our newest products, ElectricCommander 4.0 and Eucalyptus 3,” said Marten Mickos, CEO of Eucalyptus Systems. “ElectricCommander seamlessly automates the virtual cloud infrastructure resources running on Eucalyptus to support the speed and precision today’s enterprises need from their software development teams.”

ElectricCommander 4.0 is available for evaluation now.