As part of its ongoing commitment to Delphi, Embarcadero Technologies today introduced the Delphi Certification Program. For the millions of Delphi developers, this global program offers them an opportunity to demonstrate their skills and proficiency to their peers, the programming community and potential employers.
Embarcadero’s Delphi Certification Program offers two levels: Delphi Certified Developer and Delphi Certified Master Developer. The Delphi Certified Developer exam tests general knowledge of Delphi programming concepts, including language syntax, programming techniques, using the IDE and database development. Developers who use the references and topics in the study guide and have at least two years of Delphi programming experience should be able to pass the Delphi Certified Developer online exam. Delphi XE or RAD Studio XE registered users can take one Delphi Developer exam for free as part of a special limited-time offer. Users of earlier versions of Delphi and RAD Studio or those who need to retake the exam pay $49 USD for the Delphi Certified Developer exam.
The Delphi Certified Master Developer exam tests advanced knowledge of Delphi programming concepts, software architecture choices, and the depth and breadth of software development capabilities available in Delphi XE. Developers will be tested on fundamental and advanced Delphi language syntax, programming techniques, using the IDE, building projects and groups, component use and development, and experience in architecting and building desktop, client/server, Internet and multi-tier applications. To prepare for the Delphi Certified Master Developer exam developers should follow the study guide and/or training from an Embarcadero Certification Partner. Developers with at least four years of Delphi programming experience should be able to pass the exam. The Master level exam is only administered through Embarcadero Certification Partners at a certification center. The Master test fee is $149 USD.

“This certification program is designed to identify Delphi  experts around the world. The two distinct levels of Delphi certification test general and advanced programming skills and knowledge,” said David Intersimone, chief evangelist, Embarcadero Technologies. “Earning certification can help Delphi programmers better convey their skill set to employers, and employers can use this certification as one of the criteria to match the level of developer they need. As the Delphi Certification Program gains popularity, we believe it will raise the standards for all Delphi programmers.”
Developers who pass either or both of the certification exams will receive a certificate of achievement, a Certified Developer logo and their information will appear in the Embarcadero Certified Developer Directory that will be available later this year.  
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