RunRev Ltd, a Scottish based technology company and makers of LiveCode, the award winning, high performance, cross-platform programming environment, today announced a groundbreaking new product, Embedded LiveCode. This new product line allows users to embed LiveCode-built components directly in iOS native apps.

Cut Time to Market
This is significant in its potential to cut the time to market for programmers primarily coding in Objective C. These developers can now take advantage of the proven speed and ease of use of LiveCode directly in their native apps. RunRev’s customer research indicates that on average a LiveCode project is completed in just under half the time compared with any other development solution including “high level” alternatives such as HTML 5. Now these time saving capabilities can be utilized in those portions of a native-code app where it makes sense to do so.

Create Components
Embedded LiveCode enables LiveCode developers to write components and upgrades that will work within the hundreds of thousands of native apps that are already available. Rather than having to switch development of an existing app to LiveCode and rewrite it in order to benefit from LiveCode, developers can quickly fashion specific feature upgrades that make sense and incorporate those within their existing native-app codebase.

Kevin Miller, CEO of RunRev Ltd. said: “We’re delighted to be able to bring the benefits of LiveCode to a wider base of professional and Enterprise developers. Particularly, we recognize that development houses use a variety of tools and have developed libraries and frameworks in native code. Embedded LiveCode is an excellent addition to that toolbox and will allow developers to significantly cut development times while leveraging existing frameworks.”

Embedded LiveCode is currently available as a pre-release product with introductory pricing. This includes:
• All pre-release versions
• The final shipping version
• All upgrades until 14th September 2013

• An unlimited license to use with as many apps during that period as you like on iOS
You can learn more about Embedded LiveCode at