Engine Yard, the leading cloud orchestration platform, announced the availability of commercial offerings for Deis, a leading Docker-based PaaS. The new Deis.com site features Deis PRO, a streamlined Web-based interface for provisioning and managing Deis clusters on Amazon Web Services (AWS). Deis PRO, combined with a full suite of Engine Yard support and professional services for Deis, provides software teams with a complete solution for operating Docker in production.

“Docker has changed the way we build, ship and run applications. Yet some companies still struggle to orchestrate Docker in a way that’s suitable for production workloads,” said Gabriel Monroy, CTO of Engine Yard. “Deis has helped a number of companies put Docker into production, as evidenced by the large community of users and contributors. With Deis PRO, it’s now easier than ever to spin up a Deis cluster that can manage Docker across a distributed system.”

Deis runs on any environment — public cloud, private cloud or bare metal — developers can use Deis PRO to easily provision a Deis cluster on AWS using Engine Yard’s automated provisioning system. Developers can deploy applications with “git push” or directly from Docker images, and scale, manage and push updates to applications with zero downtime. Deis PRO uses the same open source version of Deis, but adds faster cluster provisioning, AWS best practice configuration and a simple way to scale-out cluster capacity.

With just under a million copies of Deis downloaded to date, and a download rate of more than 1,000 per day, Deis has rapidly become the most popular platform for deployment of Docker container applications.

“As organizations seek increased flexibility and versatility with their infrastructure, they are increasingly turning towards containers as a base unit of their compute capabilities,” said Stephen O’Grady, principal analyst with RedMonk. “Engine Yard’s Deis is squarely aimed at assisting customers with this transition.”

To serve companies running Deis and Docker in production today, Engine Yard sells support and professional services for Deis. Customers can purchase support contracts that provide 24x7x365 coverage for production workloads, backed by Engine Yard’s renowned global support organization. Customers can work with Engine Yard experts to install their Deis application platform or certify existing installations. Training is also available for developers using Deis or DevOps teams administering Deis.

“Deis gives our developers a self-service platform backed by a strong open source community,” said Benjamin Sternthal, web development manager for Mozilla. “We are excited about Deis’ potential at Mozilla.”

Details on Engine Yard’s commercial offerings for Deis can be found at Deis.com. Learn more about how you can leverage Deis, Docker, CoreOS and other technologies by visiting Engine Yard in Booth G6 at DockerCon, June 22-23 in San Francisco.