Espresso Logic announced that its reactive programming based back-end-as-a-service (BaaS) now runs transparently on Microsoft Azure Cloud, with out of the box integration for Azure Authentication, Azure SQL and Azure MongoDB add-on services. Espresso’s point-and-click functionality helps Azure customers generate REST APIs across SQL Server, MongoDB and other Azure services, enabling faster deployment of backend for mobile and web applications.

“As many enterprise customers using Microsoft technologies move to using cloud, we hear time and time again that Azure support is high on their list,” said R. Paul Singh, CEO of Espresso Logic. “With this integration, we want to make it easier and faster for enterprises and integrators developing new mobile and web applications on Azure – regardless of their data source.”

Espresso Logic, is a Silicon Valley based startup funded by leading VCs and angel investors, which provides a backend-as-a-service (BaaS) for accelerating the development of mobile and web applications. Espresso provides the fastest way to create REST APIs that span multiple data sources including SQL, NoSQL and enterprise services. Using a unique reactive programming approach, Espresso enables developers to write clear and concise business rules to define logic and specify fine grain security in a fraction of the time it takes using other approaches – resulting in working mobile and web apps in days instead of months.

Espresso offers a web-based developer console to instantly connect SQL Server and expose RESTful endpoints for tables, views and stored procedures. In addition, it provides the ability to create new REST services (compound-documents) from SQL tables and join MongoDB collections with a simple point-and-click interface. Plus, with reactive programming business rules, any rules defined on business objects perform many types of calculations and validations. The rich event model allows developers to extend logic using the industry standard JavaScript language. Espresso integrates with many front-end development tools including Microsoft Visual Studio.

Most developers using Espresso have noticed their development time for applications cut down from weeks to days.

Here are some use cases of how customers have been using Espresso service:

  • Healthcare provider combining data from wearables in a MongoDB with patient records stored in Azure SQL. Azure AD security meets the HIPAA compliance for developing their physician portal. Espresso cut down development time from eight months to a few weeks with its integrated Azure Espresso services.
  • Financial institution using Azure AD for authentication, Azure SQL as their database and Espresso for developing REST APIs, data security and business rules. Espresso made this process very fast and efficient to implement new web and mobile applications.

With Espresso, developers can:

  • Use Azure AD identity authentication, which integrates directly into Espresso’s role-based access control and security service.
  • Use Microsoft SQL Server and/or Azure SQL as a database and/or combine data from MongoDB hosted on Azure to create a common and secure REST API. These REST APIs can also integrate with other enterprise products including Microsoft Dynamics.
  • Espresso Logics’ reactive programming declarative business rules and server side JavaScript accelerates development time and change management.
  • Integrate with Azure Scheduler, Message Bus, and API Management tools with Espresso Logics’ event and rules language.
  • Run the Windows Visual Studio SDK for mobile development
  • Integrate Espresso with Azure Mobile Services

Pricing and Availability

Available now with a free trial. Developer version at $50/month, with production version starting at $500/month.

Just register and you can start using it right away – no downloads or configuration required.