Espresso Logic Inc. announced today a new product, Live Browser, that lets companies create data-driven apps in 30 seconds directly from the schema. With Live Browser you can explore, interact with and modify data from any enterprise databases – without any programming. Live Browser provides an instant out-of-the-box HTML5 user interface for navigating the entire database in a master/detail format.

Plus, the UI is customizable on-the-fly by both business users and technical staff, providing full read and editing support protected by Espresso’s built-in role-based row/column security. Live Browser even supports update, with updatable grids, transactions, and lookups, all governed by server-side JavaScript and spreadsheet-like reactive business logic.

“We can’t afford to use yesterday’s tools while business moves at Internet speeds,” said R. Paul Singh, CEO of Espresso Logic. “Due to the expense and time it takes to develop out the front-end, there’s a huge backlog of internal applications that never get built. Live Browser changes that, by enabling businesses to provide on-demand access to that data right out-of-the-box on any device. Plus with Live Messaging, Live Browser’s ability to share data securely via a hyperlink, we’re extending the power of data beyond the company to partners and customers as well.”

How It Works: Unlocking Enterprise Data
You simply connect, and the system creates the application, along with a RESTful API – directly from your schema.  Then, use your Browser to declare security and enterprise-class business logic.  It runs in the cloud, so there’s nothing to install, compile or deploy.

For DBAs and developers that have to maintain and update existing database and data applications, Live Browser provides a way to explore the content and structure of the database and repair bad data. Developers can also use Live Browser to quickly prototype backend applications.  Data Administrators and Data Stewards can perform Data Governance functions much more simply than using raw SQL.

“The ability to start with a data model and have a running, secure, cloud-based HTML5 app delivered the same day is just amazing for software developers and integrators,” said Tyler Band, CEO of Band Software Design. “The author-mode even lets me configure which services and content I want my end-users to see and edit without having to write a single line of code.”

Live Browser Features at a Glance
Out-of-the-box UI: Simply enter the database URL and specify your credentials. Once Espresso connects to the database, Live Browser is up and running. All you need to do is select a table to begin navigating your database.
• Enterprise Class UX: the created applications have out-of-the-box all the features that can take so long to build by hand: filtering, paginated scrolling, master/detail, drill-down navigation, updatable grids, error handing and lookups.  All in a responsive, tablet ready HTML5/JavaScript application using a RESTful API.
• Row / Column Security: Comprehensive built-in security for role-based, row and column access control. Includes authentication manager or you can use your own corporate authentication.
• Enterprise class integrity: Live Logic is automatically enforced, declared with the ease of spreadsheet expressions and the power of server-side JavaScript.
• Live Messaging:Send complete or a subset of the data as a hyperlink to authorized users with both read and update support.
• Customizable UI: You can customize various elements including column names, column format, number of fields as well as look and feel using your own Style Sheet with your logo and color scheme.
• Schema Discovery & Drill Down: Developers can use Live Browser to navigate database schema – understand tables, columns and their relationships. You can navigate and drill down to any of the child tables. Because Live Browser’s behavior is governed by the meta-data of your schema, as you make changes to your database Live Browser stays in sync with your schema.

Pricing and Availability
Just register and start using Live Browser right away – no downloads or configuration required.

Live Browser can be hosted in the cloud or on-premise. Pricing starts at $50 per developer/month, with production systems starting at $500/month.