ForumPass 5, yesterday’s updated release of Exostar’s project collaboration service built on Microsoft SharePoint 2010, has strengthened security features and an improved user experience, the company said in an announcement.

ForumPass 5 runs in Exostar’s Community Cloud and uses the company’s Identity Hub to bring together identity management and multi-tenancy capabilities.

Among the enhanced security features in ForumPass 5 are stronger encryption, support to additional types of credentials for two-factor authentication, attributes-based claim support, and data protection designed with an eye toward digital rights management.

The user enhancements include integration with Microsoft Office and Outlook; the ability to customize UI design, forms and workflows; more powerful search; and social networking business tools.

“Customers want the latest functionality supported by Microsoft SharePoint 2010 and the stringent security standards for which Exostar is known. That’s precisely what ForumPass 5 delivers: a highly secure, cloud-based, enterprise-class complete collaboration service offering,” Vijay Takanti, Exostar’s vice president of security and collaboration solutions, said in the announcement.