FairCom, the pioneer in multimodel No+SQL integrated database management, today announced the release of c-treeRTG version 2 at the FinDEVr conference in New York. Key updates include enhanced integration capabilities for COBOL and BTRV lines by maximizing ease of integration. c-treeRTG V2 will enable customers to easily tap into data that until now was difficult to access and process due to restrictions from legacy systems.

Evaldo Horn de Oliveira, Director of Business Development at FairCom will provide a real-time demo of c-treeRTG V2 COBOL Edition at FinDEVr on March 29th at 1:30PM ET. This demo will showcase the ease of adoption and implementation of the technology with a real commercial COBOL application, and online SQL access querying and extracting COBOL data files. To learn more, visit http://findevr.com/findevr-new-york-preview-faircom/.

“The version 2 release of c-treeRTG enhances the integration capabilities of our COBOL and BTRV lines, while maintaining the core commitment of the c-treeRTG line,” said Evaldo Horn de Oliveira, Director of Business Development, FairCom. “Businesses need simple, affordable and easy to use data solutions that are ready-to-go and integrate quickly into existing systems. With this new release, we’re giving them exactly that.”

FairCom initially released c-treeRTG in 2012 after it found there was a modernization need in the market that was not being answered.  Explained Oliveira, “Companies have fortunes in time, money, and manpower invested in these systems. The kicker is even after all these years, they still function perfectly for their intended purposes. Companies would complain that they don’t want to choose between the systems they have and the new technologies they want to use.  It occurred to us that they shouldn’t have to.”  The goal behind c-treeRTG is to provide companies with FairCom technology that allows them keep their legacy system as is, while allowing the system to benefit from new technologies, and to do it in a way that is as easy as to implement as possible.

The COBOL audience in particular is looking for this type of approach.  Today, businesses worldwide run on more than 220 billion lines of COBOL code. COBOL is used in 95% of all ATM transactions, 80% of the point-of-sales transactions, and in 50 million lines of code just in IRS systems alone. The financial industry is immersed in COBOL and feeling challenged because it can’t move beyond the applications, but cannot afford to ignore the data inside them either.

“Modernizing a legacy system can be a very difficult task, but when you look at the innovations of c-treeRTG you’ll find a lot of tools that allow that migration to be very easy and even surprising to developers,” said Jared Smith, Vice President of Research and Development at Infotrax. Infotrax’s core product is Datatrax, which processes order and commissions for MLM companies.

Infotrax and other companies recognize that they have a lot of data available for valuable insight trapped in COBOL systems, which face integration problems and are latent with extremely high costs in order to tap into this data.  c-treeRTG COBOL Edition was developed to provide customers with a fully operational transaction database that allows simultaneous SQL access to COBOL files, with no changes to the application logic. It also requires no rewriting by developers to their COBOL programs in order to take advantage of the relational database model.

With c-treeRTG V2 COBOL Edition, customers are able to preserve the many years of investment in mission-critical COBOL applications with zero application migration, while at the same time bringing COBOL data file management to enterprise levels with real-time replication, high-availability, automatic recovery, and full SQL integration.

Btrieve is another audience seeking new life to their systems. In these cases, companies have lost trust and their applications suffer from technology that is no longer evolving. Btrieve users are a technical audience and want to work with an engineering database vendor. They seek technical dedication and continuous investment and improvement to the database technology, which signal that they can rely on it to evolve and be supported. Similar to COBOL, companies built on Btrieve don’t want to make a complete leap to a different system just yet. Rather, they want to bolster what they already have. c-treeRTG V2 for BTRV provides a three-pronged approach for these companies. The solution enables customers to replace their original database without changing their business logic with a seamless API mapping that creates a one-to-one between the Btrieve functions and c-treeRTG. With sophisticated migration tools to convert the data, as well as metadata and file schemas, customers have a comprehensive solution to adapt their application with very low risk. The end result is a minimally invasive process to a brand new database that is constantly evolving and bringing new features.

The second version of c-treeRTG delivers COBOL and BTRV solutions that are both easy to get up-and-running and more powerful at delivering results. All while maintaining the core commitment of the c-treeRTG line, by keeping it simple and easy-to-use.

c-treeRTG COBOL Edition will be available for commercial release mid-April, followed by the commercial release of c-treeRTG BTRV Edition early May.  To learn more about FairCom and c-treeRTG V2, visit http://www.faircom.com/products/c-treertg.