Fairwinds, the leading provider of software for Kubernetes platform engineers to standardize and enable development best practices, today announced Automated Fix Pull Requests (PRs), the newest Fairwinds Insights feature. With Automated Fix PRs, development teams can automatically fix Kubernetes misconfigurations, which have worsened  year-over-year, resulting in increased security risks, potential for downtime, and wasted costs.

Developers are focused on quickly shipping new features and rely on automation to build, scan and deploy their code. When a problem, such as a security bug or policy violation, is found, Automated Fix PRs immediately kick-starts remediation by providing code-level fixes to common Infrastructure-as-Code (IaC) issues found in Kubernetes manifests. Multiple IaC issues can be fixed with a single click, and all changes can be quickly reviewed and approved within GitHub. A recent Fairwinds analysis of IaC scans shows that Automated Fix PRs can remediate at least 42% of issues, automatically saving developers countless hours of effort and enabling teams to ship faster.

“Automated Fix PRs is a very direct way that we can help platform teams enable development to fix Kubernetes issues faster,” said Joe Pelletier, vice president of product at Fairwinds. “Developer self-service is critical to Kubernetes success. By suggesting the code-level fix that can be easily merged via GitHub, we are empowering developers to minimize misconfigurations while still innovating and shipping apps quickly. We continue to expand the scope of what Fairwinds Insights can fix as we learn from customers.”

Automated Fix PRs benefits platform engineering teams, developers, and security engineers by:

  • Standardizing and enforcing policy: Platform teams can set standards and ensure they are followed more easily, enabling code to reach production faster.
  • Saving time: Developers don’t have to manually address every configuration change. They can review and approve them in GitHub, resulting in significant time savings;
  • Improving security and compliance: Risk is reduced with controls that find and fix issues without slowing down the business; and
  • Reducing policy violations: With a focus on developer self-service, devs can adopt Kubernetes best practices faster, leading to fewer post-deployment policy violations.

Automated Fix PRs is the latest addition to Fairwinds Insights, which helps platform engineering teams make it easy for developers to build and deliver applications.