The FIDO (Fast IDentity Online) Alliance has announced today that Intel Corporation has joined and been appointed to the Board of Directors. FIDO is an industry consortium whose mission is to revolutionize online authentication with the first standards-based specifications.

FIDO members commit to share technology and collaborate with one another to develop open specifications for universal strong authentication that enable FIDO-compliant technologies to be interoperable, more secure, private, and easier-to-use than passwords. Intel is committed to eliminating the need for passwords by supporting the adoption of emerging authentication technologies across all devices and platforms. Intel, and its Intel Security division, will work with the FIDO Alliance to help create simpler, stronger multi-factor authentication solutions to help safeguard personal information and identities.

Dustin Ingalls, FIDO Alliance president and Microsoft Group Program Manager, said, “With few exceptions, the board of directors for the FIDO Alliance has included all of the industry leaders necessary to drive a mission of this scale forward, but a big name has been missing from the list. That is Intel, and we’re super excited to have them join us as an official member of the board of directors. We look forward to further accelerating our efforts with Intel at our side.”

“We welcome Intel, one of the world’s leading computing innovators and online security providers, as a member of the FIDO Alliance board. Intel’s addition to the FIDO Alliance brings the technology industry closer to universal strong authentication using the open FIDO standards,” said Brett McDowell, executive director of the FIDO Alliance. “We also appreciate Intel’s experience and dedication to providing strong authentication and innovation to millions of consumers globally.”

The password problem is a nearly universal pain point for computing users around the globe. The adoption of open, scalable and interoperable solutions that reduce the reliance on passwords is the next step in securing identities online.

“As our digital lives become increasingly personal and connected, maintaining secure, reliable authentication across multiple devices and access points is becoming completely unwieldy. We are excited to collaborate with other industry leaders in the FIDO Alliance to develop simpler and more secure solutions to authenticate users and to eliminate the need for passwords over time,” said Mark Hocking, vice president and general manager of Safe Identity at Intel Security. “By applying our deep expertise and resources in computing platforms, security and software, we believe we can have a tremendous impact in helping the industry solve the password problem which will greatly benefit our customers.”