Fiksu, the industry’s first cost-effective mobile app user acquisition platform spanning the global mobile ecosystem, today unveiled Version 2.0 of Fiksu for Mobile Apps’ SDK, which supports the broadest range of marketing attribution technologies, including and beyond the Unique Device Identifier (UDID). Generally available today, SDK Version 2.0 enables mobile app marketers to reach the broadest range of mobile network and traffic sources and secure the largest volumes of downloads and loyal users, while effectively balancing consumer privacy and optimizing spend.

Apple’s planned deprecation of the UDID has introduced significant confusion to the iOS mobile app marketing community. As current ad networks and traffic sources typically support different technologies for attribution, marketers are finding it challenging to identify which ones will ensure a robust mix of traffic and optimized growth. For app brands seeking the widest mobile advertising reach, Fiksu’s SDK Version 2.0 supports the most attribution technology solutions being adopted by ad networks and traffic partners – including UDID – so that marketers can avoid the traffic limitations of selecting just one method. They include:
• HTML Cookie Tracking
• Digital Fingerprinting
• MAC Address
• OpenUDID
• UDID (optional)

Though the industry is transitioning away from the UDID, it is expected to take some time as publishers and ad networks adopt alternative methods. Today, more than 90 percent of all available traffic still supports the UDID, and it remains the single most cost-effective way to obtain large volumes of downloads and secure large numbers of loyal, engaged users. Fiksu will continue to support clients who choose to continue using this method. The company encourages organizations to leverage all available marketing attribution methods and follow best practices regarding disclosure.

With Fiksu for Mobile Apps, brands can choose to maximize volume and performance across all forms of attribution methods, or focus on a subset of attribution methods best suited for their specific business needs. As marketing dynamics continue to rapidly evolve, Fiksu’s SDK 2.0 enables marketers to change supported forms of attribution as needed.

“The current state of fragmentation across the iOS ecosystem has made finding the right balance of marketing attribution – while ensuring sufficient market reach – incredibly challenging for mobile marketers,” said Craig Palli, vice president of client services and business development at Fiksu. “Today, no one clear technology substitute for the UDID exists, forcing brands to deal with either the complexity of using several alternatives or the limitations of using just one. Now, Fiksu’s SDK Version 2.0 is the first industry solution to support a variety of technology alternatives, eliminating the need for difficult decisions and trade-offs while ensuring the largest volume of loyal users.”

For organizations interested in learning more about Fiksu’s SDK Version 2.0, Fiksu will host a free webinar, “Marketing Attribution – Beyond the UDID” on Thursday, June 7 at 11:00 a.m. EDT. To register, please visit