Fiorano Software, pioneer in peer-to-peer distributed integration, today announced the launch of its latest Fiorano Cloud Platform, built on the Fiorano Enterprise Service Bus (ESB), which integrates applications across Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and In-House worlds.

The inherent limitations and problems of the traditional (on-premise) integration and the SaaS Integration (Integration as a service) approaches can be overcome via a hybrid of the two, based on a Peer-to-Peer, Cloud ESB platform.
The Fiorano Cloud Platform, a hybrid version of the traditional on-premise integration model and the contemporary Integration-as-a-Service (IaaS) model, provides the benefits of centralized control while maintaining the efficiency of peer-to-peer architectures. It provides easy access to data-sources via web-services or via messaging and other APIs; separate peer-servers for SaaS and PaaS clouds ensure that the applications within a given cloud are efficiently integrated.

The in-built messaging and queuing capability of the Fiorano Cloud Platform ensures that there is global data-flow and event-flow visibility across the entire network – including all SaaS applications and applications hosted in PaaS frameworks such as Amazon EC2, Windows Azure, Google Application Engine and Efficient peer-to-peer communications ensure seamless, real-time and flexible integration with no bottlenecks. It blends cloud-based integration with general business-process integration as cloud-based applications can now be integrated easily with on-premise applications.
Currently hosted on the Amazon EC2, the Fiorano Cloud Platform enables rapid deployment of on-demand applications imparting agility to businesses to scale up or down with minimum downtime. The availability of the Cloud Platform on Amazon EC2 would significantly reduce the cost of infrastructure for clients, thereby enhancing ROI while simultaneously addressing security concerns. Amazon EC2 has numerous mechanisms for secure computing, which makes the Fiorano Cloud Platform extremely secure and reliable.

Some of the key benefits of the Fiorano Cloud Platform are: (1) Cross over business process integration, (2) Flexibility to access data across various sources, (3) High availability Messaging across the Globe and (4) Scalable, reliable and real-time; Pay-as-you-go infrastructure.

“We have already seen significant user interest in the Fiorano Cloud Platform technology”, said Atul Saini, CEO Fiorano Software. “Government agencies in USA and UK, strapped for budget dollars are actively evaluating the platform as a quick, easy and economical way to put in place a Service-oriented Architecture and integrate their many agencies through the Cloud Network. In addition, Healthcare companies that stand to achieve significant ROI on SOA based integration, have also shown keen interest in implementing this model,” he added.

To learn more, please see whitepaper on “Cloud based integration and SOA Architecture.”