Fiorano Software, a provider of enterprise integration middleware, messaging and peer-to-peer distributed systems wants to be a messaging broker for Internet of Things (IoT) devices, sensors and back-end applications. The company released Fiorano MQTT, an enterprise-class messaging platform for IoT.

“MQTT is a lightweight event- and message-oriented protocol that allows devices/sensors to communicate with remote systems in an efficient and asynchronous fashion, specially designed for resource-constrained devices over unreliable networks with low-bandwidth and high-latency issues,” the company wrote on its website.

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Fiorano MQTT is designed to support all features from the latest version of MQTT (3.1.1), a machine-to-machine (M2M) and IoT connectivity protocol.

Features include:
• MQTT-JMS conversion, which allows MQTT messages published from devices and sensors to be received by JMS subscribers
• Client authentication based on LDAP realm
• Fault tolerance
• High availability
• Client-side persistence
• Ability to connect thousands of devices and sensors simultaneously, and to send and receive message packets asynchronously

According to the company, the benefits of Fiorano MQTT include increased battery life, enhanced remote connection, mobile-friendly communication, reliable message delivery, and easy integration into different apps, devices and legacy systems.