Gizmox, the leading provider of tools and services to extend enterprise data-driven desktop applications to secured-by-design HTML5 web, cloud and mobile, released today the first downloadable Community Technology Preview (CTP) of its Instant CloudMove Transposition Studio.  The CTP, allows developers to try the tools and experience themselves. It is the first and only tool-based solution allowing any Microsoft Visual Studio developer to extend VB6 and .NET enterprise client/server applications into HTML5 web, cloud and mobile applications, including the ability to upgrade their code and UI while doing so.   . 
With Instant CloudMove,the transposed application is available on any mobile or tablet device, browser and across any client operating system. Moreover, the extended application logic and data remains on the server behind the fire-wall and therefore the application front end is secured-by-design. 
Navot Peled, CEO and Co-Founder of Gizmox, said:
“We are addressing a huge problem for enterprises. As enterprises move from one computing generation into the next, they typically have to invest heavily into rewriting their business applications to suit the new generation architecture. Moving from IBM’s Mainframe, to the PC era is a good example. And as we now look to the post-PC era, namely cloud and mobile, enterprises face the same challenges again. The Instant CloudMove Transposition Studio addresses this pain by enabling enterprises to reuse the PC-era installed applications in the new post-PC era. The addressable market worth of trillions of dollars reflects the investments into applications that run in a client/server format, which can now be extended into the new era of applications and be accessed securely from anywhere. The traction that we get is outstanding – we have enterprises lining up for the solution.”

To download the Instant CloudMove Transposition Studio CTP, please visit