Four51 announced today at the IRCE Conference + Exhibition the launch of eCommerce Accelerators, now generally available as part of the OrderCloud platform. Businesses using OrderCloud Accelerators can choose from a proven set of components to develop and deploy custom eCommerce and order management applications to the cloud as much as three-times faster than via other industry solutions.

OrderCloud Accelerators are the first rapid development kits ever made generally available in a cloud-based B2B eCommerce platform. As an eCommerce Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS), OrderCloud already enables deployment of custom, comprehensive, secure and scalable B2B eCommerce applications. The addition of Accelerators builds on this capability by providing businesses with a new, more user friendly way to build custom applications. Plus, since Accelerators are built on OrderCloud’s proven platform currently processing billions in commerce each year, businesses can trust the platform to manage their unique needs and scale with them as they grow.

The launch of Accelerators comes on the heels of a recent study by Forrester Consulting that revealed modern developers who work with B2B eCommerce solutions now favor cloud-hosted PaaS, rather than on-premises or SaaS solutions, due in large part to their ability for speed and customization. Forrester found that 88% of developers believe that ability to customize the user interface was “important” or “critically important” for eCommerce. Accelerators deliver a pre-assembled base upon which customization can be built rapidly and with ease.

“With Accelerators, we have pre-assembled base components which are commonly used by all variations of B2B eCommerce, Retail eCommerce and Order Management,” reported Mark Johnson, CEO at Four51. “This gives our partners and customers a majority of what they need immediately and allows them to add and customize from there to quickly produce eCommerce applications that simplify order management and reduce order costs for companies such as manufacturers and distributors. Even our customers’ less technical team members have learned to quickly deploy custom apps with Accelerators.”

“The flexibility and ease-of-use of OrderCloud Accelerators is unprecedented. They give us a relevant, best-practices approach to the common B2B challenges our customers have,” said Mike Pierce, CTO of Four51 partner Echidna, an experienced eCommerce integrator that develops on the OrderCloud Platform. “Four51’s platform is built around their REST API, which also allows us to integrate the business-critical systems we need. When paired with OrderCloud Accelerators, we can deploy integrated, comprehensive applications far, far faster than any other approach we’ve seen.”

To learn more about the OrderCloud Accelerators, visit or stop by the Four51 booth (#1241) at IRCE for a demo.