SmartBear Software, the choice of more than two million software professionals for building and delivering the world’s best applications, announced a free version of AlertSite UXM, which emulates a real user to make sure Web-based applications are working properly – all for free.

Since businesses run on applications, it’s vital that those applications are not only up and running, but responsive and returning the correct information. When using Web applications, people look for alternatives if pages are slow to load or errors occur. This means that businesses need a tool which helps them to understand the performance of their applications, not just see if the application is simply up.

AlertSite UXM Free is different from the free up/down monitoring offered by other application performance monitoring (APM) vendors because it emulates a real user. Real users do not load the same Web page over and over again, like typical up/down monitors simulate. Real users browse on their computer or mobile device, scroll to view information, add items to shopping carts and type in account numbers and logins. Simple up/down monitors cannot advise if any of those activities actually work or if the people trying to use your applications are frustrated.

Until today, more sophisticated application performance monitoring that emulates real users was a costly endeavor which required monthly contracts, intensive programming and large fees for scripting. It also took considerable time and resources. With AlertSite UXM Free, all that changes.

AlertSite UXM Free monitors the connected world of Web, mobile and SaaS applications for businesses. It provides fast, accurate alerts on problems before end users experience them, including issues with third parties. Real user emulations are easily created in minutes, no programming necessary. Use the emulations to monitor a mobile website, a Web application such as a shopping cart, even a CRM system. AlertSite UXM Free allows businesses to know that their applications are working properly for end users, while saving time.

AlertSite UXM Free allows businesses to:

  • Create a real user emulation with the AlertSite UXM recorder
  • Monitor the real user emulation against Web apps or mobile enabled Web apps
  • Monitor five additional websites for up/down checks every 15 minutes
  • Receive alerts by email if performance degrades or there is a failure

“We want to provide businesses with an easy way to set up monitoring of their Web applications and ensure a great end user experience,” said Anand Sundaram,Vice President of Products, AlertSite UXM. “It’s free and really easy to use, so anyone can check Web application performance.”

A paid version of the product provides for additional monitors with flexibility in scheduling and monitoring locations starting at $99/month.

AlertSite UXM Free builds on existing award-winning free tools and plugins, including SoapUI, LoadUI, DéjàClick, DevPlanner and QAPlanner. AlertSite UXM Free is not a trial version and has lifetime availability. On Twitter, follow @AlertSiteUXM.

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