GatherSpace, the online requirements management platform that promotes collaboration and workflow between business and technical teams throughout the software development and product lifecycles, today announces its first major upgrade since their 2009 launch. New features include a powerful Requirements Search to instantly view specific and high-priority items; an At-a-Glance activity tab for improved collaboration and workflow; fields for importing/exporting data with ability to instantly publish on-demand, web-based reports; reporting streamlined for iPads; and an improved navigation and UI.

The process of producing quality software hinges on the end users, product managers and business analysts being able to clearly articulate use cases and functional and technical requirements to the technical teams.

GatherSpace helps businesses automate both the process of how they analyze and set specifications for the business requirements (what the software accomplishes), and the software requirements (the specific functionality it requires.  Users can funnel use cases, requirements and ancillary data like comments and chat into a single place, linked together and tracked.

GatherSpace, designed specifically for communicating requirements includes features such as visual use-case modeling, a traceability matrix, requirement notifications, rich-text editing, and report generation.


For example, users can create functional package groups, associate high level features, then associate more detailed use cases, issues and software requirements to those features.  Additionally, multiple project views enable users to “switch within its own context” to more accurately define parameters, glossary, packages, et al.

GatherSpace also eliminates the uncertainty when trying to manage requirements and version control, as well as workflow issues that haunt ad-hoc solutions such as Microsoft Word/Excel. And with its ability to seamlessly support Agile, Waterfall, and other development approaches, GatherSpace enables development teams to iterate quickly and adapt to the changing business needs.

As a hosted cloud application, GatherSpace enables anywhere, anytime access to vital data so that distributed teams can collaborate on requirements in real-time.

GatherSpace is priced on a per seat basis or discounted enterprise license. To sign up for a free 30-day trial, view product information, or check out a product tour please visit