Gazzang, the big data security experts, today announced it is providing data encryption and key management support for Pivotal HD, the fully-supported enterprise-ready Hadoop distribution from Pivotal.

Pivotal HD customers are already leveraging Gazzang’s high-performance transparent encryption and key management solutions to secure sensitive data, including regulated and high-risk data like medical, payment, insurance and financial data.

“Gazzang is playing an important role in the evolution of our Hadoop offering by providing Pivotal customers with an easy-to-use data security solution,” said Jim Totte, director of business development at Pivotal. “As Pivotal HD and HAWQ grow to be a critical component of enterprise infrastructures, so too will the volume of sensitive data, files and applications that run on and leverage the platform. We’re excited to partner with Gazzang to bring at-rest encryption and key management to our enterprise customers.”

Gazzang zNcrypt provides transparent data encryption without requiring customers to modify their existing infrastructure or applications. The solution also includes process-based access controls to ensure only authorized system functions can gain access to the encrypted data. Gazzang zTrustee is a software-based key server that enables the data owner to set and enforce a variety of configurable policies around encryption key access. zTrustee can also protect and wrap policy around other digital security artifacts including SSH keys, SSL certificates, tokens and passwords.

“Pivotal is giving enterprises the tools to rapidly innovate and bring new solutions to market, while eliminating many of the integration and scalability challenges they face today,” said David Tishgart, senior director of marketing and business development at Gazzang. “Data security is critical to any big data environment, but it’s important that these protections do not slow the pace of application development or performance of analytics and applications.”

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