StreamSet, a enterprise data operations platform provider, is taking on the Internet of Things and edge devices with the open source release of StreamSet Data Collector Edge (SDC Edge).

SDC Edge is a end-to-end data ingestion solution for resource- and connectivity-constrained systems such as IoT device or cybersecurity applications.

“The massive volume of data created by the explosion of digital devices presents an invaluable opportunity for analytics and insight. However, harnessing this data for important efforts such as IoT and cybersecurity has been a challenge due to the lack of end-to-end data ingestion frameworks,” said Arvind Prabhakar, co-founder and CTO, StreamSets. “We built SDC Edge to bring disciplined, well-managed data movement to huge populations of IoT sensors and personal devices so that the promised benefits of these critical initiatives are realized.”

Features include: ability to run on a broad range of operating systems such as Linux, OS X, Windows and Android; drag-and-drop dataflow design, edge analytics, multiple bidirectional pipelines, and the StreamSets Dataflow performance manager.

“SDC Edge packs the core functionality of the widely adopted StreamSets Data Collector into a footprint of less than 5MB, an order of magnitude smaller than alternatives. This makes it ideal for IoT use cases, where today ingestion logic is often hand-coded and tightly coupled to the specific device,” the company wrote.

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