“Give a programmer the correct code and he can do his work for a day. Teach a programmer to debug and he can do his work for a lifetime.” – programmer Chirag Gude

Programmers in search of some higher wisdom in pursuit of better code need not trek to a temple atop a Tibetan mountain. A new Zen-like GitHub repository possesses the proverbial enlightenment you seek.

Programmer’s Proverbs is a growing collection of coding tips and advice phrased in the form of a proverb. Anyone can submit a proverb as long as it’s an original idea written in the proper style. Here are a few of the more clever entries:

  • A deployed MVP is worth two prototyped.
  • When you reach bearded-level, there are at least a hundred grey-beards above you.
  • A/B Test twice, deploy changes once.
  • Don’t commit on master when drunk.
  • A git pull a day, keeps the doctor away.
  • Sometimes you have to cut legacy support to allow the new product to bloom.
  • Finish a product in a day, and people will expect a new product every day. Teach people about proper development cycles, and your company will flourish.
  • Absence is beauty, in error logs.
  • Eternal sunshine of the stateless mind.
  • The best request is the one you don’t make.
  • A poor programmer blames the language.
  • The code’s writin’ but ain’t nobody programming.
  • Facebook wasn’t built in a day.

More are continually added, but check out the full list of proverbs or choose a random proverb for a more adventurous piece of sage programming wisdom.