This week’s GitHub project comes from university student and developer Nikita Voloboev, who’s amassed a huge repository of Alfred workflows and tools that he uses to make his macOS experience “even more amazing.”

It’s a great resource for any Apple-centric developer, and includes productivity software, more feature-rich alternatives to stock macOS software and tips for customizing your Mac to fit your development style and workflow.

If you’re not familiar with Alfred, which Voloboev calls one of his favorite applications, it’s a hugely versatile productivity tool for macOS with great customizability via hotkeys, keywords, terminal interactions and integration with all sorts of Mac software.

Here are our top picks from Voloboev’s comprehensive list:

  • Alfred: the aforementioned workflow and productivity tool. Voloboev linked some his custom workflows that he uses frequently
  • Kap: an open-source screen recorder that Voloboev says he uses to quickly record GIFs with a keyboard command
  • ImageOptim: quickly removes extra metadata and compresses images efficiently for use on the web
  • Gemini: a utility for finding duplicate files on a system for when you need to clear up some junk
  • Popclip: brings up a quick menu whenever text is selected that allows you to search it on various websites, translate it or read it out loud.
  • Focus: breaks the internet addiction by limiting your time on specified websites.
  • Dash: a powerful API documentation browser and code snippet manager. Dash stores snippets of code and instantly searches offline documentation sets for 150+ APIs
  • Keyboard Maestro: a powerful hotkey solution for macOS with an active community of macro-makers — Voloboev shows off his here.
  • MindNode: a mind mapping application for structuring your thoughts visually

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#2. Google AR SDK: Google ARCore SDK for Android
#3. Java Design Patterns: Design patterns implemented in Java
#4. QMUI Android: Android UI design library for increased UI development efficiency
#5. A Human’s Guide to Provides an example file, that can be used to bootstrap your next Python project