#1: Hackathon-starter
A Kickstarter for Node.js Web applications created by Sahat Yalkabov, this project focuses on simplicity and ease of use, and is also as generic and reusable as possible. It features local authentication; OAuth 1.0a authentication through Twitter; OAuth 2.0 authentication through Facebook, Google or GitHub; flash notifications with animations; MVC project structure; Node.js clusters support; account management; API examples; contact forms; and LESS stylesheets.

#2: Linux-dash
This “drop-in, low-overhead monitoring Web dashboard for a Linux machine,” created by afaqurk, monitors servers with statistics on a user’s hardware, and it updates individual statistics on demand.

#3: Tether
Tether is “a positioning engine to make tooltips, dropdowns and overlays faster.” Created by HubSpot, it is a JavaScript library for making a positioned element stay next to another element. It aims to be the official implementation of this type of positioning.

#4: ScrollReveal.js
Declarative on-scroll reveal animations created by Julian Lloyd. These animations are simply a way to design and maintain how elements fade in. This plug-in is still in an experimental stage.

#5: Mondrian
A smart and easy-to-learn Web-based vector application created by Artur Sapek, it offers all the tools required to design, alter and export simple SVG files. The app works out of the box and is a simple static site.