Lower storage prices and new Durable Reduced Availability (DRA) Storage
To give you more flexibility in your storage options and prices, Google reducing the price of standard Google Cloud Storage by over 20% and introducing a limited preview of Durable Reduced Availability (DRA) storage. DRA storage provides a lower price storage option by enabling you to trade off some data availability while still offering the durability your storage demands.

And, to automatically keep a history of old versions of your data, Google is introducing Object Versioning. You can also use it to help protect against deleting or overwriting your data by mistake or due to an application error.

More European Datacenter support
Google is continuing to roll out our European Datacenter support. Now, customers using Google App Engine, Google Cloud Storage, Google Cloud SQL and (soon) Google Compute Engine can deploy their applications, data and virtual machines to European Datacenters. This helps bring your solutions even closer to your customers for faster performance and enables international redundancy.

36 New Compute Engine instance types and overall reduced prices
Earlier this year Google introduced a Limited Preview of Google Compute Engine with four standard instance types. Today, Google is announcing 36 additional instance types and arereducing the price of our original 4 standard instances by about 5% for those currently in our preview. In the coming weeks, the following will be available:
• High Memory Instance – High performance instances tailored for applications that demand large amounts of memory.
• High CPU Instance – Reduced cost option when applications don’t require as much memory.
• Diskless Configurations – Lower cost options for applications that do not require ephemeral disk and can exclusively utilize persistent disk.

Google is also introducing Persistent Disk Snapshotting which makes it simple to instantly create a backup of your disk, move it around Google datacenters, and use the snapshot to start up a new VM.