SAN FRANCISCO, CA (AnDevCon Booth #605) Nov. 7, 2011 ­ Gorilla Logic, a leader in enterprise application development services and creators of open source test tools for mobile and Rich Internet Applications (RIA), today announced FoneMonkey for Android, its latest open source automated testing tool for mobile applications.

The new Android testing capabilities complement the popular FoneMonkey for iOS (iPhone and iPad) automated testing tool and extends Gorilla Logic’s comprehensive open source automated testing solution set by bringing Android developers and QA testers the same recording/playback and test script generation already enjoyed by iOS developers. It benefits developers by providing rapid creation of functional testing scripts; allows testers without in-depth Android Software Developer Kit (SDK) knowledge to easily and quickly create testing scripts; and, offers increased application quality and faster time-to-market.

Specific features contained in FoneMonkey for Android include:
– Records and plays back user interface interactions with native Android applications
– Scripts are readable, maintainable and also can be created from scratch without recording
– An Eclipse-based control console provides easy creation and editing of automation scripts
– Scripts can be created and ran on an emulator or actual device
– Supports virtually all Android SDK UI components and gestures
– Is free and open source
– Provides automatic generation of extensible test scripts in either Java or JavaScript
– Offers ability to run tests in continuous integration environments

“With an explosion of mobile applications in the market and a number of automated software quality offerings existing (and more evolving) for performance testing for mobile applications, the manual effort involved in functional testing remains significant and very costly,” said Melinda Ballou, project director for IDC’s Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) service.  “As companies increasingly put their brand out on mobile platforms and as business critical apps “go mobile,” automation of functional testing across mobile platforms ­ including both iOS and Android ­ becomes key for business innovation and success.”

Gorilla Logic’s passion for delivering quality software applications for enterprise customers led to the creation of FoneMonkey. It is the only test tool for iOS and now Android that records all actions with the iPhone, iPad and Android phone while in use and plays them back as a test script at any time. It enables the interactive creation, editing and playback of automation scripts that exercise an application’s user interface. Using FoneMonkey, developers and quality assurance team members can create suites of tests that automate and perform user operation sequences, and then verify results. FoneMonkey supports development as well as QA testing, and tests can easily be incorporated into continuous integration environments.

łFoneMonkey for Android addresses a major gap in the Android development tool chain,˛ said Stu Stern, president and CEO of Gorilla Logic and co-creator of FoneMonkey. The FoneMonkey family of tools is the only record/playback functional testing tool for iOS and Android. With the addition of FoneMonkey for Android, Gorilla Logic has established its position as the pre-eminent provider of next generation functional testing tools for the mobile market.

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