GrapeCity, a global provider of award-winning enterprise software development tools, is pleased to announce ComponentOne 2022 v3, the final major software release of the year. The highlights of this release include .NET 7 support across the entire product line, a first look at the FlexGrid for MAUI preview, enhancements for design-time editors and designers for .NET 6+ controls, and much more.

The successor to .NET 6, .NET 7, focuses on being unified, modern, simple, and fast. Microsoft will support .NET 7 for 18 months as standard-term support (STS). As part of the ComponentOne 2022 v3 release, the team has added .NET 7 support for the entire product line. ComponentOne’s latest .NET 6 libraries will work in .NET 7 for all platforms to allow customers to upgrade when they are ready. Read the release announcement to learn more about ComponentOne’s .NET 7 support.

In the 2022 v3 release, the same .NET datagrid, FlexGrid, that thousands of developers have used for decades has been developed natively for MAUI. This cross-platform framework introduced by Microsoft allows computer programmers to write once in C# and deliver apps for desktop (WinUI, macOS) and mobile (Android, iOS), so they don’t have to learn multiple development platforms. Potential and current ComponentOne customers can view the FlexGrid for MAUI preview samples on GitHub. Visit the website to learn more about ComponentOne’s plans for MAUI support.

With the latest ComponentOne release, the team has continued to enhance the design-time editors and designers for the .NET 6+ controls. These updates give developers a richer experience when designing enterprise .NET applications. For example, FlexGrid now has the complete and familiar designer programmers used when creating their .NET Framework applications. There have also been enhancements to additional controls, as well as plans to do so for the remaining controls. Explore the release article to learn about ComponentOne’s designers for .NET 6+ controls.

“We are thrilled to share ComponentOne’s final release of 2022,” said Product Manager Greg Lutz. “We hope our .NET 7 support, FlexGrid for MAUI preview, and many other new features improve the product experience for our customers when building .NET enterprise applications.”