GrapeCity, a global provider of award-winning enterprise software development tools,  has announced the release of SpreadJS v16. The highlights of the new version include features, such as a new file format, support for Excel-like form controls, new features for TableSheet, a high-performance, enterprise-grade DataTable add-on, and much more. These features expand developers’ capabilities within their JavaScript applications when building high-performance enterprise spreadsheets. SpreadJS v16 is now available as an upgrade for existing customers and a download for new customers on the GrapeCity website.

SpreadJS v16 introduces a new JavaScript spreadsheet file format, .sjs. With this new format, JavaScript developers can more efficiently work with large complex files much faster and produce smaller file sizes when saved. The .sjs format is a zipped file that contains multiple smaller JSON files, similar to the Excel XML structure. It can be imported and exported just like the SpreadJS SSJSON files, and once loaded in SpreadJS, it can be shipped to Excel as an XLSX file. Read the release announcement to learn more about working with SpreadJS’s new file format.

This latest release allows developers to programmatically create and display an interactive spreadsheet form with a JavaScript application. SpreadJS now offers form controls such as buttons, list boxes, combo boxes, and checkboxes. These controls can be placed anywhere in the worksheet and bound to a specific cell. In addition, a new event called FormControlValueChanged has been added to fire whenever a form control’s value changes (UI operation, API call, or associated cell changes). Visit the website to get started with SpreadJS’s functional Excel-like form controls.

When TableSheet was initially added to SpreadJS, the team included a panel to manage TableSheets in the SpreadJS Designer. When working with relational data in the column list, specific columns can now be collapsed. In addition, relationship columns can be clicked on to show the details for that particular column. Additional features include grouping and dragging fields around. Explore other updates to TableSheet in the release article.

“We are pleased to launch SpreadJS v16 for our customers officially,” said Product Manager Kevin Ashley. “This latest release has many exciting features that JavaScript developers can leverage for their enterprise applications.”