Developers need to extend their mobile and .NET toolbox to build more competitive solutions for their customers.  GrapeCity strives to empower its customers to achieve more with its popular ComponentOne .NET controls, ActiveReports reporting solution, Spread spreadsheets solution, Xuni Xamarin native mobile controls and Wijmo JavaScript controls.

“We develop the highest-quality, fastest, lightweight and most flexible cross-platform controls on the market,” said Joe Lininger, Head of Global Marketing at GrapeCity.  “They’re easily extensible and have a small footprint, and easy-to-use APIs for developers to build better products, faster.”

Developers have been building native iOS and Android applications using GrapeCity’s Xuni Xamarin product since 2015.  With Microsoft’s purchase of Xamarin and Xamarin’s integration with Visual Studio 2017, GrapeCity decided to focus on Xamarin development, and has released the beta for ComponentOne Xamarin Edition, which provides enhanced performance, APIs and designer support for Xamarin users.

“We’re the industry leader for developer controls and solutions in the Microsoft space, and we are a longstanding Microsoft partner,” said Lininger.  “We’re making Xamarin development as easy as possible with an established and time-tested set of Xamarin controls.”

Go Mobile
ComponentOne Xamarin Edition is supported in Visual Studio and Xamarin Studio. Developers who want to write in C# and XAML to deliver an application that runs on Windows Phone, UWP, iOS and Android can save time and deliver better user experiences with the ComponentOne Xamarin controls.  Developers can also use ComponentOne Xamarin to build Xamarin iOS and Xamarin Android apps.  

The initial beta for ComponentOne Xamarin is currently available and provides powerful enterprise controls such as a grid, gauges, calendar, and CollectionView data control, all of which include features unavailable in the Xamarin platform. The new product also includes full support for the Xamarin Designer and iOS StoryBoard.  From FlexGrid’s spreadsheet-like interface to a wide collection of modern charts and gauges, ComponentOne Xamarin delivers the high-performance and flexible feature sets developers want for mobile enterprise applications. A powerful data visualization control (called FlexChart) and an input control including masked input, ComboBox, and classic CheckBox will also be released during the beta.

With Xamarin.Forms and ComponentOne Xamarin Edition, developers can code once in C# and XAML to create a cross-platform app that delivers a universal experience to all users. In addition, with the NuGet package distribution, ComponentOne Xamarin can be added easily to any Xamarin app in Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio.

Microsoft Dynamics Team Chooses Wijmo
Developers choose Wijmo’s cutting-edge HTML5 controls for modern enterprise mobile applications.  With touch-first design and full AngularJS and Angular support, Wijmo’s FlexGrid and chart controls deliver top performance with zero dependencies on other code libraries.  The flexible API enables users to develop in an easy, enjoyable way.  It is the most complete control toolset for building enterprise applications.

Microsoft used Wijmo for the 2016 update of Microsoft Dynamics CRM.  While preparing the update, Microsoft wanted to ensure its new mobile capabilities would have an intuitive interface that is easy to use across mobile platforms.

Wijmo’s touch support and its ability to work well on virtually every device enabled the user-friendly interface Microsoft was striving to create.  In addition, Wijmo 5’s clean design, highly customizable controls, globalization for 40+ cultures and flexible input and gauge control collectively provided what Microsoft needed.  Using Wijmo 5, developers could focus on the business side of the application instead of building proprietary UIs that would be capable of functioning across platforms and cultures.  

Wijmo 5 enabled Microsoft to reduce development times, even though the products would be used on different platforms and in different global locations.  With Wijmo 5, Microsoft was able to develop a consistent solution much faster than if it had built the same native application for the individual platforms.  Because Wijmo 5 functions on all of the newest Android, Windows, and iOS mobile devices, there was no reason to create unique solutions for each platform.  The Wijmo 5 controls also provided the ability to adapt and essentially “translate” themselves to conform to the user’s location.

“With Wijmo’s extensibility model, the Microsoft Dynamics team was able to quickly customize and incorporate Wijmo 5 controls into our new release,” said Param Kahlon, general manager, Product Management, Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

Wijmo caters to the trends in an increasingly mobile and touch-centric market.  Its focus on touch support and mobile-friendliness makes it the premiere tool for mobile developers.  With Wijmo 5 controls, developers can create great customer experiences that are suited to their specific app.

Users in data-driven organizations enjoy apps built with Wijmo 5 UI controls because they have the ability to adapt to the way data is entered and the way data is displayed, which simplifies data analysis.  Users also find that the uncluttered design of Wijmo 5 controls enable a simple and intuitive user experience.

ComponentOne Xamarin Edition and Wijmo controls are both available in the ComponentOne Ultimate suite.

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