Embedded World and Smart Grid Cyber Security Summit East — Green Hills Software, the largest independent vendor of embedded software solutions and the only provider of an EAL6+, High Robustness NSA-evaluated and NIAP-certified real-time operating system (RTOS), introduced today the Green Hills Platform for Smart Energy. The new platform provides a robust and expandable end-to-end solution for intelligent electronic device development and deployment; including optimized software development tools, hardware trace probes, and industry-proven real-time operating system technology. Uniquely, this platform addresses a wide range of applications and provides a scalable solution for the development of absolutely secure and reliable intelligent electronic devices. The Green Hills Platform for Smart Energy expedites development and helps assure the resiliency, reliability, and security of devices ranging from small footprint, low-power applications in smart appliances and smart grid meters to Neighborhood Area Network (NAN) concentrators and special purpose transmission and distribution controllers, to high-end enterprise utility applications such as supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems.

The Green Hills Platform for Smart Energy provides a comprehensive set of technologies that developers of smart energy applications can leverage to construct intelligent self-healing systems for the Smart Grid, providing high data integrity, consistent availability, and proper levels of confidentiality. The Green Hills Platform for Smart Energy includes:

• INTEGRITY separation kernel

• µ-velOSity microkernel

• MULTI integrated development environment

• FFS, FAT, NFS, and Journaling File Systems

• GHNet dual model IPv4/IPv6 networking stack

• Complete Wi-Fi support

• IPSec

• Graphics – 2D/3D

“As the experts in developing certified, absolutely secure, safe, and reliable technologies for critical applications, Green Hills is uniquely positioned to be the dominant force for helping our most security conscious federal customers secure their smart grid networks,” said Terry Kern, the business development lead for Energy Management Information Systems at AMERICAN SYSTEMS, a provider of systems engineering, technical, and managed services to government customers. “We are delighted to partner with Green Hills Software to deliver innovative and assured technology for Smart Grid Secure Applications.”

“Green Hills has the unique position to be the security and reliability leader in the Smart Energy industry. With certified operating system technology and long-term successful deployments in virtually all safety and security-critical domains, no other technology provider can offer the same expertise that aids customers to successfully develop secure, reliable, high assurance applications in the Smart Energy market,” commented David Kleidermacher, CTO, Green Hills Software. “Our products and services provide high value to customers throughout the smart grid with a scalable and portable device software platform.”

Green Hills will continue to innovate and advance the Platform for Smart Energy to address the ever-changing demands on the grid such as alternate energy, technology availability, and threats to smart grid security. Green Hills continues to work with its partners such as AppliedMicro, ARM, Freescale, Intel, and Texas Instruments to deliver a comprehensive smart energy platform for its clients.

The Green Hills Platform for Smart Energy is available now.