GT Software, a leading provider of mainframe modernization and migration solutions, today announced the newest release of Ivory VisualConnect, designed specifically to help enterprise organizations extend the ROI of their mainframe resources, data, and applications.

The newly redesigned Ivory VisualConnect allows easy creation of intuitive graphical interfaces to replace cumbersome 3270 screens and provides direct access to legacy mainframe applications through any standard browser. This direct 3270 browser access also eliminates the need for emulation and the expense that goes along with it. In addition, because there is no additional coding required, the transition can happen within hours, rather than days or months.

According to Eric Nelson, GT Software president, “Our goal is to bring value to our clients by helping them extend the value of their current resources while improving efficiencies. This latest release of VisualConnect does just that be enabling the merging of data from multiple screens, simplifying complex screens and even by-passing unnecessary screens altogether for faster data entry and access.”

“We’ve re-engineered Ivory VisualConnect from the ground up to leverage the latest version of Java as well as introduced a HTML Viewer to enable mainframe applications access from any modern browser or mobile device,” said GT Software Director of Development, Henry Fogwill. The new VisualConnect runtime supports all applications servers and works within your defined enterprise architecture.

The latest generation of Ivory VisualConnect provides:
• Full support for Java 7 for performance, stability and security
• HTML 5 Viewer for easy viewing of IBM 3270 applications from any modern browser.
• Easy-to-use Visual Editor for rapid deployment.
• Efficient, visually appealing access to IBM 3270 applications for improved user satisfaction and productivity.