With an HTML5 framework for mobile applications to run offline, and support for PerformancePoint scorecards and reports, H3 Solutions yesterday unveiled Mobile Entrée 3.0, the most recent version of its mobile application development platform.

Mobile Entrée 3.0 includes business intelligence capabilities that can leverage Microsoft’s PerformancePoint software for scaling Excel Services or PowerPivot dashboards, and adds a touch-friendly experience for smartphones, according to the company announcement.

A new HTML5 framework lets developers create applications that have the ability to run offline in Android and iOS devices. “We have made it easy for .NET developers to create installable HTML5 Web applications,” Mike Herres, president of H3 Solutions, said in the announcement. “Offline capability was the biggest ask from our customers, and we have delivered with a highly flexible solution that will run on the two most popular mobile platforms.”

Here are the company’s 3.0 release notes.