Hackolade, the pioneer for data modeling for multi-model databases, today announced that its data modeling software tool has been granted certification for MongoDB Enterprise versions 2.6 through 3.4. This includes MongoDB instances deployed on premise, on the cloud, or with the MongoDB Atlas database service. The certification comes on the heels of Hackolade’s recent announcement to support the latest version of MongoDB and MongoDB Atlas.

The MongoDB Enterprise Certification Program recognizes products that fully integrate with MongoDB Enterprise. Evaluation of Hackolade required MongoDB to perform testing to ensure proper and secure handling of data.

“We’ve seen time and again how Hackolade can improve application quality and time to market for MongoDB developers. It gives teams more control over their data in MongoDB by providing powerful data modeling, cataloging, and documentation capabilities,” said Alan Chhabra, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Partners, MongoDB.

MongoDB has built a strong ecosystem of technology partners, integrators and resellers. Hackolade was granted certification due to its following capabilities:

  • Integration with MongoDB to efficiently read and generate its data model
  • Reverse-engineering process performs statistical sampling of a large set of documents, then infers the schema based on the sample, before conversion and persistence into Hackolade for further enrichment by developers and data modelers
  • Connection protocol for the sampling step supports X.509 TLS/SSL data encryption as well as enterprise-grade authentication such as LDAP and Kerberos
  • In forward-engineering, Hackolade dynamically generates MongoDB validator and aggregation pipeline scripts.

“Hackolade is pioneering the data modeling field for non-relational and multi-model databases with its ability to represent polymorphism and deeply nested JSON objects in Entity Relationship diagrams,” said Pascal Desmarets, CEO of Hackolade. “Our data modeling has become a best practice for those wanting a tool to reduce development time, increase quality, and lower execution risks across the enterprise.”

This new certification means organizations can now add enterprise-grade data modeling to their MongoDB Enterprise deployments which ensures critical features such as encryption and authentication. This, along with MongoDB’s solid performance and feature set, means Hackolade data modeling software tool fits right into any enterprise’s data governance and architecture strategy.