Hansoft 6.7 bridges tools and methodologies with improved features and SDK capabilities. One of the most significant new features is a full, readymade integration with JIRA, which allows entire organizations to work together in real time despite using different tools.

“Hansoft is already known for its ability to manage different methodologies in parallel, a functionality we have further improved in this release. We have also included a readymade integration with JIRA allowing teams to migrate to Hansoft without data loss, a common request since many of our customers have used JIRA before Hansoft. The integration can also be used to run the tools synced side by side: then it doesn’t matter if a developer updates a bug, task, feature or requirement in Hansoft or JIRA ,” said Hans Andersson, Chief Development Officer at Hansoft.

Hansoft 6.7 also contains a number of usability improvements and enhanced support for mixed methodologies, like critical path functionality and upgraded cross method metrics.

More info, screenshots and videos can be found at: www.hansoft.se/new-hansoft-6-7. 

New features in Hansoft 6.7

Improved SDK Integrations capabilities:
• Ability to make SDK functionality available through the Hansoft GUI
• Improved traceability
• Several other features making integrating Hansoft with other solutions easier

Readymade integration with Jira:
• Full two way real-time synchronization with Jira
• Easy migrate from Jira to Hansoft without losing any data (including attachments)
• Allowing teams to use Hansoft in parallel with Jira
• Ability to connect parts of the organization using Jira with developers using Hansoft

Improved ghost resources functionality:
• Several updates including the ability to use ghost resources in Agile

Enhanced support for mixed methodologies:
• Critical path functionality introduced
• Improved support for cross method metrics

Usability improvements:
• Multi drop list custom column type
• Date time custom column type
• Find option “they are user stories” generalized
• Click away balloon info
• See which resources are working on a story in the backlog or project view and that is broken down with sub items in the project view
• Options on whatever time and date time column should fill todays date automatically or not