harmon.ie this week launched version 3.0 of its e-mail management software that brings enhanced social capabilities for working with documents and e-mail from a single interface.

The new software creates document-activity streams, so users can follow documents and document libraries in real-time streams through an e-mail window, and use one click to open the document and one click to communicate via Lync, according to David Lavenda, vice president of marketing and product strategy at harmon.ie.

“This allows people to work with links rather than attachments,” he told SPTechReport. “Tying documents and social together is one plus one equals three. Our strategy is to bring collaboration into the e-mail window, where people spend most of their day.”

Harmon.ie ties into SharePoint to provide a tool aggregation within “a single pane of glass where people can collaborate,” Lavenda said.

The software also provides a “suggested colleagues” list based on a user’s prior communications, ensuring that team members or partners are looped into discussions where needed.

“Companies work in project mode,” said Lavenda. “It’s not like Facebook where you add friends forever. Once the project is over, these colleagues are off your list. It keep your list clean.”

Microsoft offers some social capabilities in SharePoint out of the box, but Lavenda noted that if a person wants to send an e-mail attachment he or she received as a link to someone else, it requires navigating through nine windows. “That’s where the average business user falls down,” he said.