As the rollout of SharePoint 2010 approaches, a number of individuals and companies are hosting launch parties. Last issue, we told you about Microsoft’s plans. Now, our community itself is putting together parties all around the world to mark the release of the new software. If you’re the kind of person who finds the release of new software to be a cause for celebration, you can be a part of it all by registering on those sites.

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There have been all kinds of speculation about what SharePoint users will do in regards to the 2010 release. We’ve reported in this space that, anecdotally, MOSS 2007 users might be evaluating SharePoint 2010, but there won’t be a big rush to the new software. Now, Metalogix Software is entering the discussion with its biannual survey of IT professionals about their SharePoint (and Exchange) usage and plans, and is reporting that migration to 2010 will be strong.

Metalogix makes software that helps organizations migrate their ECM systems into SharePoint. More than 430 people responded to the survey, and Metalogix reports that 46% of current SharePoint users are planning a migration to 2010. No timeframe for the migration is given, though. The survey also found that 79% of those using SharePoint are using MOSS 2007, and that Exchange Public Folders and Windows NTFS File Shares lead the source systems that users plan to migrate into SharePoint.

Finally, the company reports that 57% of SharePoint (or Exchange) users prefer Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite for moving services to the cloud.

— David