is proud to announce the upcoming release of CodeRush v2010 vol 2. With CodeRush, Visual Studio developers can write more code with fewer keystrokes, see complex software with greater clarity and boost productivity while eliminating repetitious tasks that erode creativity.

New features in CodeRush v2010 vol 2 include:

Performance Enhancements — CodeRush 10.2 is even faster than CodeRush 10.1. CodeRush now provides the fastest Rename experience, the fastest Find All References experience, and the fastest Test Runner available for .NET developers.

Extensive MVC Support — with new code templates, navigation features and code providers.

Unit Test Runner Enhancements — including Silverlight unit testing support and optimizations to the Unit Test Runner API for native support of the following frameworks:
Visual Studio’s MSTest

Extended Code Analysis — delivering high speed solution-wide code analysis and reporting code issues found throughout the entire project.

Structural Highlighting — in addition to support in C#, C++, and VB, support has been added for ASP.NET and XAML.

DXCore Parsers — now available in a separate DLL, to simplify the way in which DevExpress parsers are used across C#, Visual Basic, Java Script, HTML, ASP.NET, CSS, MVC, XAML, and XML.

.NET 4.0 contracts support — Add Contract now supports the following new contracts:

New and Enhanced Templates — CodeRush property templates now call PropertyChanged appropriately if the class implements INotifyPropertyChanged, and two new templates make it easier to fully implement the IDisposable interface according to best practices.

New Refactorings
Convert to Constant
Make Read-only
Set Image Dimensions

New Code Providers
Add Contract
Declare Attribute
Declare EventArgs Descendant
Declare Field (read-only)
Seal Class

JavaScript Navigation — CodeRush’s Quick Nav feature now navigates to classes and members in JavaScript files.

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