Hortonworks, Inc., a leading innovator of open and connected data platforms, today announced several key updates to Hortonworks Data Platform (HDP). HDP allows customers to accumulate, analyze and act on information derived from data, and is 100% open source. The following advancements to the platform will be highlighted at Hadoop Summit Europe, April 13th-14th in Dublin:

Integration of Comprehensive Security and Trusted Governance

For the first time, Apache Ranger for security and Apache Atlas for data governance are integrated to empower customers that define and implement dynamic classification-based security policies. In this technical preview, available now, enterprises can use Atlas to classify and assign metadata tags, which are then enforced through Ranger to enable various access policies. In addition, Atlas now provides cross-component lineage, delivering a more extensive view of data movement across multiple components.

Automated Provisioning for Hadoop in Any Cloud

Cloudbreak allows enterprises to simplify and automate the provisioning of clusters in the cloud and fine tune their use of cloud resources. Cloudbreak 1.2 is available now. It expands support for OpenStack for private cloud and Windows Azure Storage Blob (WASB) for Microsoft Azure, and comes with the ability to run scripts either prior to or after cluster provisioning.

Simplifying Cluster Operations

The upcoming release of Apache Ambari features pre-built dashboards for HDFS, YARN, Hive, and HBase with key performance indicators for cluster health. The collective knowledge of Hortonworks’ support and engineering teams has captured nearly a decade’s worth of operational best practices in this release to help customers improve troubleshooting and speed time to resolution when issues occur.

Visualization for Data Science

Apache Zeppelin is a browser-based user interface that provides a notebook-style capability for analysts and data scientists to interactively explore their data and perform sophisticated data analytics. This final technical preview provides customers with an agile analytics user experience for Apache Spark running on a secure Hadoop cluster.

“Hortonworks continues to deliver on its vision of building trusted governance and enterprise security for Hadoop,” said Tim Hall, vice president of product management, Hortonworks. “This milestone, and the additional cloud, operations and data science advancements in HDP, allow customers to move at the speed of their data. We are matching the pace of innovation occurring across Apache project teams in the community and delivering the latest innovations to our customers in a timely manner.”