Digital Performance software company, Dynatrace, today announced that Huawei has selected its suite of performance monitoring and management solutions to deliver the telecommunication industry’s first holistic ICT customer experience management (CEM) solution.

The HUAWEI SmartCare offering marks the beginning of a new era for the telco industry, enabling operators to shift from network-based experience management to an actual user-based model that directly addresses the diverse and demanding behaviors of end users today – across all channels and touchpoints.

Powered by Dynatrace and Huawei technologies, this new CEM offering will allow operators to measure and map the true customer experience, irrespective of IT environment complexities.

Wayne Ju, Regional Director for Dynatrace Greater China, explains: “Future-proofing Huawei’s offering in the CEM industry was a critical factor in their decision to select Dynatrace. Our solutions make enterprises truly proactive in how they manage and monitor each customer’s journey and adapt to changing behaviors, market trends and technology developments.

“These powerful and flexible capabilities make us the ideal partner for Huawei. They had the vision for a CEM solution that encompasses every aspect of the customer experience – from brand awareness to purchased services and how those services are being used, seeking customer support and make recommendations to peers,” said Ju. “This kind of granular, holistic customer detail will enable telco operators to survive and thrive in the digital economy.”

“Together with our industry partners, Huawei places tremendous focus and effort into advancing our CEM portfolio. We develop the metrics, processes, organizations and platforms required to help operators transform from network-centric to customer-centric operations. In collaboration with Dynatrace, we will give operators a clear competitive advantage in the digital economy,” explains Liu Feng, HUAWEI SmartCare CEM Domain General Manager.