In booth #221 at Pass Summit 2011,  Idera, a leading provider of Microsoft SQL Server management and administration solutions, announced SQL diagnostic manager 7.0. Now DBAs can access Idera’s powerful performance monitoring and diagnostics solution and can collaborate to resolve issues using a desktop console, or a variety of mobile devices, including iPhone, iPad, Android and Blackberry.

The new SQL diagnostic manager mobile web application displays real-time and historical SQL Server performance dashboards. It gives DBAs a detailed view of the health of their entire SQL Server environment as well as the ability to perform actions, including killing sessions, running queries, etc., from anywhere and at anytime.

SQL diagnostic manager 7.0 also adds the Idera Newsfeed. Built using Idera’s new IntelliFeed technology, the Newsfeed enables DBAs to ‘follow’ servers and collaborate with DBA team members using a familiar social media metaphor. Using the Newsfeed, DBAs and their managers can quickly and easily share knowledge and best practices, identify solutions to problems, and closely monitor the progress of problem resolution activities.

“SQL Server databases are the backbone of many business operations and when availability or performance isn’t optimal, the bottom line can be affected,” said Heather Sullivan, Director of SQL Server Products at Idera. “Now we’re putting the power of SQL diagnostic manager literally into DBAs’ hands. This means freedom to the DBA who must ensure the highest levels of SQL Server performance 24/7. With SQL diagnostic manager 7.0, DBAs can monitor and manage their SQL Server environment, collaborate on issues and take action – all from their mobile devices.”

Pricing and Availability
Idera SQL diagnostic manager 7.0 is available today at $2,049 per SQL Server instance. For more information and to purchase SQL diagnostic manager 7.0, please visit