Idyllic Software ( , a provider of enterprise-grade software delivery services, and Simplicity Itself (, the leader for Microservices success, today announced GoMicro.Services. The new company is the first software firm dedicated exclusively to Microservices delivery, training and consulting services for organizations of all types. The firm will offer architecture, consultancy and end-to-end delivery of Microservices projects – a fast-growing software development approach whereby complex applications are composed of small, independent processes.

“As more organizations look to Microservices to deliver software value faster and with less complexity and risk, we saw Simplicity Itself as the perfect partner to create a dedicated entity that helps customers adopt the approach in-house or contract for completed, ready to deploy projects,” said Jinesh Parekh, CEO for Idyllic Software. “Our two organizations are fully committed to advancing Microservices adoption, and sharing our successes and experience to help other software organizations as they expand their skill-set to deliver de-coupled application services.”

GoMicro.Services will focus purely on developing Microservices architecture, delivering completed software projects and guiding organizations through the adoption and integration of Microservices into legacy processes and frameworks. GoMicro.Services will be its own entity, with its own resources and business development streams. The company will be led by Idyllic’s Parekh as COO, and two Simplicity Itself executives, David Dawson as CEO and Russ Miles as CTO. Idyllic’s team will provide project delivery and execution, project management oversight and a U.S. sales footprint.  Simplicity Itself will provide established industry thought leadership, architectural guidance, Microservice research, platform delivery, back-office support and a European sales footprint.

“Currently, there is no single consulting firm that purely focuses on Microservices, so for companies who are serious about building applications using this architecture they now have a one-stop, highly  specialized  shop to help them,” said Dawson, CEO for Simplicity Itself and GoMicro.Services. “Microservices is a new architecture and people are still wrapping their heads around it. This venture enables companies to go faster as they move forward with Microservices, and to have the peace of mind that it will be done right and they are on a long-term path to success.”

GoMicro.Services offers dedicated delivery teams to accelerate Microservices adoption and delivery, manage change management and technical mapping, leverage the value of existing systems and avoid both technology lock-in and the need for major version upgrades. Its consultancy group helps organizations navigate the challenges of Microservice adoption – from architecture planning and strategies for bootstrapping new projects, to health-checks on existing projects and augmenting existing teams with expert advisors to ensure project success in the long term. Training services also are offered to help organizations establish in-house expertise and accelerate Microservices project success.

Recognized by IT research experts at Gartner, Forrester and Ovum for helping organizations realize value from software faster, the Microservices software architecture promotes applications be composed of small, independent processes communicating with each other using language-agnostic APIs. The services are typically small, highly decoupled and focus on doing a small task. Microservices helps development teams transition from monolith approaches to a modular approach of system-building – with an eye on business value and responsiveness.

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