For the millions of users still running Windows XP or Internet Explorer 6—for which Microsoft ended support this week—one way to convince customers to switch is letting them literally shoot the outdated products to death.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer team launched a browser-based game called “Escape from Windows XP.” The simple arcade-style shooting game pits you, the last developer, on a ground made of broken Internet Explorer windows from an unending horde of cracked desktop screens, flaming recycling bins, and tanks sporting Internet Explorer logos. Some other old friends (think a certain paperclip helper) also show up along the way.

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The game begins with a Windows XP startup screen, but the classic desktop quickly cuts to a blue screen where the player is given their quest.

Escape from XP

“In the long, long ago, Windows XP rose like a phoenix from the ashes of Windows 2000,” the screen reads. “As newer operating systems came along, Windows XP clung to life, a pestilence on the peaceful developer community. With their community in turmoil, most developers fled ages ago… One still remains.

“One man. One hero, still supporting IE6 on XP. Now, he’s fighting the final battle for his people—to destroy it once and for all. It’s time for his escape. Here. Now.”

Check the game out here.