Immersion Corporation (Nasdaq:IMMR), a leading developer and licensor of touch feedback technology, today announced that Fujitsu’s recently launched F-12C smartphone is the first publicly available mobile handset with Immersion’s MOTIV Integrator. The phone, which also includes Immersion’s TouchSense 3000 embedded control software, is the result of a newly inked license agreement between the two companies.

“Fujitsu’s commitment to human-centric design and ease-of-use aligns with Immersion’s view of how haptic technology, and our MOTIV platform in particular, can create a more custom and personalized experience in mobile UI,” explains Dennis Sheehan, Immersion’s vice president of marketing. “By using Immersion’s powerful software tools, Fujitsu is able to streamline the engineering effort to integrate haptics throughout the Android UI, while delivering a more engaging touch experience to their consumers.”

In addition to making integration of haptics into the Android platform easier for OEMs, Immersion’s MOTIV Integrator provides a number of benefits by allowing users to customize their experience. Fujitsu F-12C smartphone users can adjust the sensations and strength of touch feedback effects through a universal settings menu which allow the adjustments to waterfall throughout the UI.

“The F-12C smartphone provides customers with advanced device design that combines style and comfort with ease of use, and Immersion’s haptics let us provide customers with a better user experience,” explains Mr. Matsumura Takahiro, Vice President of Mobile Phone Marketing Division. “TouchSense technology combined with the MOTIV platform gives us the tools we need to fully integrate haptics into the Android 2.3 OS and provide customization options that deliver a more personalized UX.”

The F-12C Smartphone is currently available through NTT DOCOMO in Japan. More information on the handset can be found at

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