IncrediBuild version 4.6 gets games, software applications, and mobile apps out the door faster by accelerating code builds and the entire application life cycle management process. It has native 64-bit process distribution and supports the latest upgrades of Visual Studio (one and two) as well as Windows 8, PlayStation 4, and Nintendo CTR.

“IncrediBuild has maintained its commitment to keeping pace with new versions and upgrades of virtually every development tool and environment,” says Eyal Maor, CEO of IncrediBuild. “Despite the rapid changes in the market, we’ve not only managed to sustain our 90% code-build acceleration rate but also expanded our product’s capabilities to support many new development tools and code build infrastructure solutions.”

Version 4.6 enables distribution and interception of 64-bit processes in any environment. IncrediBuild also speeds VxWorks compilations under the VxWorks floating license model. Customers using IncrediBuild 4.6 are eligible to participate in a beta test to accelerate C#-based projects.

IncrediBuild 4.6 has the ability to harness unused processing power across the network, significantly streamlining the game development environment by including enhanced support for image processing, compression, conversion, rendering, shading, and transformation. All development tools benefit from IncrediBuild, including commercial and in-house software that performs QA scripts, code analysis, regression, packaging, and unit testing.

“While development methodologies like continuous integration optimize software delivery, it doesn’t always speed it well enough. By accelerating the entire development process, IncrediBuild helps developers quickly find and fix errors on the fly and lets them get superior products to market faster.”