Infragistics, the user experience (UX) software company and a world leader in user interface (UI) development tools, today announced a major Version 3.0 update to SharePlus Enterprise as well as the SharePlus Pro and SharePlus Lite Apps for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch. With enhanced features, the updated apps keep employees productive on the road while ensuring corporate data remains secure.
“Our SharePlus apps were developed so that users could bring a highly productive, collaborative business tool – SharePoint – with them on the road, while maintaining the security and integrity of their business data,” said Dean Guida, CEO of Infragistics. “With Version 3.0, Infragistics delivers upon its commitment to the SharePlus community to invest in this industry-leading app. Current and future SharePlus users can trust us to continue to deliver exceptional value and productivity to our customers.”
New features in SharePlus Enterprise V3.0 bring the traditional SharePoint desktop search experience to mobile SharePoint. With searches enabled at the list level, across all content of a SharePoint site collection and user profiles, road warriors can quickly and easily locate what they need, when they need it.
No longer do users need to wait idle as mobile devices update software. SharePlus Enterprise and SharePlus Pro subscribers can now stay productive while operations, such as server synchronizations, occur.  Plus, professionals can cancel out any operation with a simple ‘tap’ on the “Loading” message, instead of waiting for it to time out.
‘Always accessible’ data is key for the mobile workforce that needs to view business metrics, such as key performance indicators (KPIs), on an iPhone or iPad device. SharePlus Enterprise, Pro and SharePlus Lite customers today can view actionable data within the frames of the app UI.
As part of the SharePlus V3.0 launch, Infragistics invites road warriors, field-based service organizations workforce, IT and CxO personnel to the “How to be a BYOD Champion” on-demand webinar.
Infragistics Vice President of Product Management Jason Beres discusses how SharePlus V3. 0 enables enterprises to implement a secure, native app experience with SharePoint that empowers professionals to access and turn SharePoint data into action.
“SharePlus has already been deployed by enterprises worldwide across many industries that use SharePoint as their main collaboration tool and use mobile technology for business productivity. As the number of professionals that bring their own devices to work increases, implementation of a secure, cross-platform mobile SharePoint app becomes both a necessity and competitive advantage,” concluded Guida.
Please see the SharePlus page for a complete list of features in SharePlus Enterprise, SharePlus Pro and SharePlus Lite. To learn about “Three Barriers to Securely Mobilizing SharePoint and How You Can Break Through” read Infragistics latest Whitepaper.