InRule Technology announced today the launch of InRule Version 4.6 with support for Representational State Transfer (REST) endpoints, an update to the company’s flagship InRule software. The upgrade makes it easier for developers to integrate InRule business rule management services into Cloud-based applications.
The new InRule Version 4.6 REST capability empowers developers to call InRule from any technology – such as JavaScript, C#, Java, PHP, Python, Node.js, Android, and iOS. Therefore, no .NET code is required to call the execution services. InRule can now be more easily integrated into applications regardless of an organization’s development platform or skills. Support for REST endpoints also makes data operations with modern applications easier, including those born in the cloud.
The company also announced InRule as a Service, its service-based strategy for writing, executing and managing business rules for Cloud and on-premise applications. The release of InRule Version 4.6 advances InRule as a Service, which is designed to further streamline the creation and maintenance of decision-based applications on any platform and to enable non-technical users to configure the behavior of Cloud-based applications.
“InRule Technology is committed to delivering capabilities as services to make it easier for any application, regardless of technology platform, to leverage the power of InRule,” said Rik Chomko, InRule Technology Chief Operating Officer. “InRule version 4.6 delivers enhanced rule execution and rule management services to enable mission-critical and customer-facing applications in business sectors as diverse as healthcare, financial services, insurance, and government.”
InRule Technology provides software and services that enable organizations to change rules and calculations in applications without programming, empowering them to more easily respond to changing market conditions. Allowing changes to be made by business experts improves the time to market, increases accuracy and reduces implementation and maintenance efforts by 20 percent. InRule Technology customers report an average savings of $488,059 versus hard coding.